Our Clients

Many individuals and families seek help simplifying the demands of managing wealth in order to devote time to business, personal endeavors, and family. This may encompass a desire to organize personal assets, develop an effective asset allocation strategy, insure against risks, and develop financial and estate plans to provide for your financial future and that of your loved ones.

For most companies, the analysis, design, communication, implementation, and servicing of 401(k) and qualified plans, employee health plans, and wealth management solutions for executives is not “core” to their business.

Outsourcing these aspects of a business can often lead to better services for the owners and employees and free up valuable resources to help the performance of the business. In addition, having access to qualified financial professionals can help many executives gain perspective on business decisions.

Institutions such as private educational institutions, churches, and other entities that are charged with providing services for generations to come have complex financial needs. In many cases, the ability to attract and retain professionals or volunteers with the skills required to manage the financial affairs of the organization is limited.

Having a professional relationship with a financial advisor can help ease the burden of developing investment policies as well as managing and monitoring those assets. In addition, similar to corporations, institutions must offer attractive retirement and benefits plans to attract desirable employees.

Outsourcing the development and implementation of these plans can leave the management and boards of an institution with more time and resources to spend on the actual business of the institution.